Remember that friends are important, and not to forget who YOU ARE during treatment.

Hell Everyone! I am finally getting back to my blog after all the recent life changes we have all been going through. This entry is prior to the pandemic getting serious. This is dating back to February 27th, the day of my third round, out of four of chemotherapy.

In this entry I wanted to emphasize how important your friends will be during your journey. The woman in the photo is my friend Kristie Sadler. We have known each other for 27 years. I had not seen her in about four years, but she insisted on coming out to take care of me during my chemotherapy, so how could I say no?

She lives in Massachusetts, and made the drive to spend the weekend with me.

How lucky am I?

Kristie surprised me by wearing this T-shirt for good luck. Let me explain. When I first met Kristie I was singing in a music duo in Tampa Florida and every Friday night I would sing at “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”, a local pub in South Tampa (which is still there). Back then Kristie was a bartender at Mad Dogs and she lived within walking distance from the pub. So she would often invite all of us to go over and hang out at her place after for a night cap, so of course we became instant friends, and the rest is history. What a thoughtful thing to do, I cant believe she still has the T shirt! Amazing!

Not only will your long-term friends support you, but you may make some new ones along the way. Lily is an Oncology Nurse Practitioner who I hit it off with instantly. She has been such a support about my blog and my positive approach dealing with breast cancer. Thanks Lily for always having my back! You are a light during a vulnerable time, and your energy is always so positive and uplifting. And of course Fran, my cold cap therapist, who we all know that I love and adore from previous entries!! She finally let me take her picture.😀Thanks for everything Fran! You are my rock!

After a couple days when my energy was better, Kristie and I decided to meet up with Elizabeth to go see “The Vessel” at Hudson yards. All three of us originally met in Florida, so this was a small reunion with my girlfriends. Surrounding myself with people I love just gives me all kinds of good energy and light!

The great thing about New York, is when you’re hungry, you can walk around and find a hidden gem. We came across this amazing upscale Mexican restaurant named after Frida Kahlo, a strong artist and woman. So how perfect was this place for the three of us to have lunch? I highly recommend this restaurant. The food, service, and my girlfriends drinks (which I could not partake)😂 were amazing! But my waiter was so sweet and made me a mocktail. Make sure you try their special guacamole, it’s incredible. It was so fun to get out and feel normal with the girls! Thanks Kristie and Elizabeth for a wonderful day!❤️

After having such a wonderful time at Hudson Yards, the following day I was still feeling good, and since Kristie and I are both photographers, I wanted us to go have a nice day together and shoot at The Bushwick Collective. This area of Brooklyn is filled with artist who specialize in graffiti art, so you never know what you will see. So we hopped in her car and we decided to have a day of exploration! It was so nice to be creative again! So that’s what I meant when I said don’t forget about who YOU ARE! Picking up my camera again and shooting with Kristie was such a wonderful moment. Without creativity in my life, I don’t feel normal, so this day was good for my soul. So whatever you are into make sure you don’t forget to incorporate the things you love and have a sense of normalcy. When we get sick we tend to forget that it does NOT control our life. I feel like the more positivity during this journey, the better the outcome. SO keep going!💪🦄🎗

Here are some fun shots from the day!

An appropriate sentiment when battling BC!!

After a day of shooting, we were hungry and ready to have a nice dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant in Bushwick called SEAWOLF! They have delicious seafood here. The Oysters Rockefeller were so great, we ordered a second round! This was my favorite moment of my visit with Kristie. Two old friends catching up, reminiscing, and talking about what’s ahead. I am so glad you made the trip and we were able to reconnect. Love you so much!

The support of your friends and family is always so important and I am lucky to say that they just keep sending encouragement in many ways. I received this beautiful breast cancer warrior necklace from my cousin Jamey, and also many cards, gift cards, texts, calls and even a memo on my eraser board from Kristie before she left, that is still there to this day.

Later that week, there was finally a warm day, and a glimpse of spring, so I headed out on my bike with my camera in tow to head out to the park. Getting outside in nature is always a good way to feel better. And of course after feeling creative earlier that week, I was craving it again. Here are some fun shots and video of my nature trip.

My first bike ride after winter and we were just starting to hear about Corona Virus.
Birds singing the signs of spring!
The day of the Seagull!

Once I got home, after a fun filled afternoon in the park, the ice cream man pulled up across the street from my apartment. (which never happens)

Now, I know I’m not really supposed to have sugar during this time, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself as if you were a kid again. Like I said, don’t forget who YOU ARE! Enjoy the little things…

And to top it off, this was the result of a game I played on Social media, and I think it says it all! Stay positive, be strong and stay YOU!

Positive vibes only! 💪🦄🎗💓

Saw this in Bushwick

One thought on “Remember that friends are important, and not to forget who YOU ARE during treatment.

  1. LOVE this!! So glad to see you back at your blog again! I also love seeing you be able to do photography! I can’t wait to be able to see more of this in the future soon, I hope! Love you – stay strong!


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